IDK'18 3/3/18
First UMC in Hickory, NC


Registration opens on Dec. 1, 2018.  Early birds will save 50% by registering before January 31st, only $10 per person.  February 1st the price per person goes up to $20.  Check-in starts at 9:00-9:30 in the morning and we will go until 3pm.  We will provide lunch and snacks throughout the day. 

 If you have any questions, there is way to email us at the bottom of this page.  

About Us

What is IDK?

  IDK is a youth conference for middle and high school students who feel God may be calling them into some sort of ministry. IDK is a place for youth to start the journey of discovering and living into God's calling for their lives. The goal of IDK is to be engaging, inviting, open and merely the beginning of your journey to live out God’s calling in your life.   This event is not intended for full youth groups.  Instead it is designed for individual youth who are wrestling with God's calling.

What should I expect?

  During an IDK event, youth and their mentors will hear call stories from people are living out their call to ministry. These are clergy, laity, and people doing ministry inside and outside the church. These short “Sharing Your Story” moments are to inspire the youth to hear their own story within other people’s stories. The youth will also explore a spiritual gifts inventory, moments of worship and have a safe place to ask a lot of questions.   

What is a Mentor?

  Mentors are anyone from the youth's local church who is willing to bring them to the event and have conversations with the youth about the call they are feeling. This could be the pastor of the church, the youth pastor, a youth worker, or any lay person who has a connection with the youth in some way. The purpose of the mentor is to be a link between the IDK youth conference and the local church. They are people the youth will continue to see as they live into this sense of calling. Mentors are people who can get the youth connected with the local congregation and living into their sense of calling.   

Spiritual Gifts Inventory

We ask each student to fill out a Spiritual Gifts Inventory.  We all have special gifts, talents and abilities and those are linked to our calling God has for our lives.  When we know what those gifts are, we can see how God is working in us and through us.  Please fill out the survey by clicking the link below and when you arrive we will give you your results. 

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